Our Facility

Axis Warehouse - Our Facility

Axis Warehouse Elk Grove Village facility:

  • Secure Facility with offices on location
  • Real-time order monitoring
  • RF Controlled Picks
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Located minutes from O’Hare and Large Rail Facilities
  • 12 bays for in and outbound pickup and drop off
  • Pallet in/Pallet out and Cross Docking capabilities
  • Container Consolidation
  • Food Grade Facility AIB Certified Superior
  • TSA/CFS Certification
  • International and Domestic Crafting Services
  • State of the art WMS for tracking and real-time monitoring Refrigeration Room

Warehouse Interior:

  • 112,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center
  • 24 hour Security and Monitoring
  • Food Grade Facility-AIB Certified Superior
  • TSA/CFS Certified
  • Directed put-away and order picking
  • Warehouse capacity management Radio Frequency (RF) capability for data capture
  • Load planning
  • Cross docking
  • Picking optimization
  • ABC Stratification
  • Interleaving of work

Warehouse Advantage:

  • RF control of every piece that enters our building
  • Real-time monitoring that customers can access
  • 24/7 secure facility provides piece of mind that everything that enters is there when you need it
  • Fully EDI capable
  • TSA/CFS Certification