Our Warehouse Advantages

Axis Warehouse - Warehouse Advantage

System Administration

Allows system administrator to setup warehouse

  • Define warehouse locations, units of measure, rack types, security, and printers
  • Group locations into a variety of zone structures to accommodate put-away, inventory count and picking operations


Tracks inventory throughout the warehouse and the movement of product from one location to the next

  • Supports both full physical inventory and cycle counting
  • RF scanning devices to count inventory


Uniquely identifies received inventory with a pallet, carton or product serial number

  • Directed or manual put-aways
  • Set up user-defined receipt condition codes

Order Fulfillment

Utilizes RF scanners to direct the picking of product

  • Performs the necessary product rotation so pickers select the correct product for each order
  • Replenish primary pick locations using min/max levels or actual order allocations
  • Supports wave picking, picking patterns and turn-arounds

Packing & Box Build

Verifies products picked for an order and tracks its shipping carton

  • Unique box building to select the right sized box or boxes for shipping
  • Calculate shipping cartons per order

Quality Assurance

Collects data, sets acceptance standards for product receipt, monitors vendor performance

  • Inspection instructions for each product

3rd Party Logistics

Effectively manage customer inventory and expedite orders more efficiently

  • Custom Pick Tickets, Packing Slips and Shipping Labels per owner and/or depositor
  • Activity-based billing by Customer ID, Product ID and Warehouse

Shipping Manifest

Designed for optimum flexibility and improved shipping productivity

  • Integrates seamlessly into the Warehouse Management solution
  • Calculates freight costs, updates the order, generates the carrier label, and prints the appropriate shipping manifest