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Midwest Trucking


Axis Warehouse provides dependable Midwest trucking services that meet the needs of your business. We understand that unexpected situations can arise and are prepared to handle them. Our experienced network of drivers is committed to delivering your products with excellence, providing exceptional service that makes your business stronger and more reliable.

Midwest Trucking Solutions

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Local Transportation

Short-haul transport services designed for same-day and on-demand delivery

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Long-distance hauling is one of the most important aspects of your supply chain

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Satellite Tracking

An innovative means of pinpointing a person or object’s location anywhere in the world

With Axis Warehouse, you can trust that your food cargo is in good hands. Our Midwest trucking team handles each shipment with the utmost care and attention to detail. 


Axis Warehouse is dedicated to bringing you next-level quality service. We operate our own fleet of trucks and work with an extended carrier network to offer full coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


  • Any order, ranging from a single pallet to a full truck

  • Flexibility with LTL shipping

  • Schedule your shipment to fit the timeframe you need

  • Live tracking freight and delivery

  • Deliver products safely and efficiently


By utilizing CFS services, shippers can save time and money by avoiding the need to transport full containers. Instead, your company uses shared space and resources with Axis Warehouse. Our CFS facilities also provide additional security and protection for cargo with state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

  • 55,000 sq. ft. CFS

  • Handling Airport/PMC and AKE for all airport transfers

  • Sort and segregation

With Axis Warehouse, you can have peace of mind knowing where your cargo is around the clock. We utilize advanced technology and equipment to provide real-time cargo tracking and monitoring, giving our clients complete visibility throughout the transportation process.

  • Truckload shipments

  • Volume LTL shipments

  • Real-time tracking

  • Electronic logging devices

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Hard work has gotten your business where it is today. Axis Warehouse will work just as hard as you to simplify your operations and fortify your business.