Interior row of loading docks inside of warehouse building



The industry is seeing an increase in smaller consignments, giving rise to Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments. Our CFS services are a cost-effective option for merchants with orders that do not fill entire containers. When exporting cargo, we can economically prepare it for the next leg of its journey by consolidating it with other small-scale shipments. When importing, we can deconsolidate your load and prepare it for delivery to its final destination via truck.

LCL Cargo

Axis Warehouse acts as a centralized, secure place where importers and exporters can have their LCL shipments sent for the next phase of transportation. As a CFS, we simplify your shipping process by streamlining and expediting freight consolidation and deconsolidation.

Our locations are strategically placed near key international transportation hubs, including O’Hare International Airport and major railways. Our CFS operations seamlessly integrate with your global supply chain, resulting in complete visibility of your freight as it moves from dispatch to destination.

A red and a white truck at a freight loading dock with blue sky and clouds overhead


  • Increase the efficiency of import and export

  • Quickly moving goods to the right destination

  • Truck brokerage for inland transportation

  • Efficiently consolidating or deconsolidating your products

  • Skillfully handled shipments processed by reliable warehousing staff

We understand that security is a significant concern for any business owner, as a threat can compromise valuable stock. With Axis Warehouse, you can have complete confidence knowing your cargo is safely stored as it awaits transportation. As a CFS, we utilize 24-hour security and monitoring to protect your assets. Our best-in-class logistics team operates with a reliable freight-handling protocol for an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of theft or damage to goods as they are transported and stored.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Hard work has gotten your business where it is today. Axis Warehouse will work just as hard as you to simplify your operations and fortify your business.